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If you dial 1 send and then youre at your voicemail then dial in your password and press # and then press 4 and then 3 and then it will give you your choices of greetings

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Q: How do you change your voice mail greeting on Verizon?
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How do you bypass voice mail greetings?

To leave a message, use the following keys:AT&T* or #Sprint1T-Mobile#Verizon1 or *To skip the greeting and login, use the following keys:AT&T1Grand Central# (no need to wait for the greeting to begin)SprintT-MobileVerizon#

Can you change your voice mail on a Verizon phone?

If one is a FiOS Digital Voice client, all customers use the same access number to get to their voicemail, which is 1-888-234-6786. If one is trying to access their home voice mail and does not have the number, one is able to look up the voice mail access number on the Verizon website using the home telephone number.

How can you change the voice mail greeting on iPhone 4?

Tap on the Phone icon from the Home ScreenGo to VoicemailTap Greeting which appears at the top left.To set a new greeting, just tap the record button at the bottom left then pronounce the greeting into the iPhone and then click Done.

How do you change your voicemail into something else?

It is easy to change your voice mail contact to someone else.You can go to the contacts then select the contact you want to set as voice mail and select set as voice mail or some option like that which will change the voice mail contact.You can also go the setting then call setting and then select voice mail then you can change the contact by just selecting the already their and then selecting the new one from the contacts.

What makes a Verizon phone automatically go to voice mail without ringing?

if the phone is dead or off

How do you record a voice mail greeting on your droid?

Best thing to do is to dial voicemail. Then listen to the options that have to do with changing your voicemail greeting options.

How do you set up voice mail on Nokia 1616?

In your list of contacts one should be voice mail 171. Call it and listen to what it tells you. Press the button that it says to set up your voice mail, say your greeting and press the # key. If that doesn't work try calling Customer Care

Does every provider in the United States have voice mail service?

Most decent telephone providers in the United States of America such as Verizon Wireless or AT&T Mobility will offer some form of voice mail services.

I cant remember my pass code for voicemail and would like to change it.?

You can request a voice mail pass word reset for a Verizon at this number

What is my password to retrieve my voice mail?

That is for you to find out. If you unintentionally forgot your password then do a soft or hard reset on your device. Alternatively, you may want to contact your voicemail service provider for support.

How do you change your voice mail on the Pantech link?

click on "menu"go to "settings"choose "profiles"click "edit"go down to "message sound"click on itsearch through your audio and choose your next text tone!

Have you found Verizon Mail to be satisfactory?

Verizon Mail can be considered satisfactory to suit one's basic needs. However, there are very few extra features that would entice a customer to switch to Verizon Mail.