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you can to make it happier: make it dance by pressing at the sky or giving them coconut or fish

to make it sad: kill it such as flick it or drown it

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Q: How do you change your pygmies mood in pocket god?
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How do you change your god type on pocket god?

The screen that shows your name and your pygmies' names has a little part to change your name, while in that screen you can change your god type

What is the description of the pygmies in pocket god?

Little prehistoric men

How do you coustomize your pygmies on facebook pocket god?

As far as I know you can't

How do you make your pygmies fart in pocket god?

add pygmy Answer: Patience

How can you turn pygmies into ice blocks on pocket god facebook?

All you need to do is buy the fridge, then you put one of the pygmies in it.

How do you change your pygmies name in pocket god?

im not sure im trying to find out the same thing Go to the name labels and change them hope it helps

How do you make your pygmies scratch his butt in pocket god?

you cant control it they do it on their own

How do you get the fifth idol in pocket god?

Bring out storm clouds Generate Lightning Zap pygmies with lightning lightning blast drowns pygmies

How do you make ants climb on pygmies in pocket god?

You click the ant coleny until they come out and then drag the ants to the pygmies ur welcs

What does Charlie do on pocket god?

Charlie slices regular pygmies in half, and he has this weird staff thing that makes pygmies explode. He turns into a tiger too.

How do you make the volcano erupt in pocket god on iPad?

Hey, pocket god appreciator! You have to throw three pygmies without changing the island in the volcano!, Bye

How do you make a pygmies mood angry on pocket god?

Go on to the arrow and find pigmy stats find a pigmy that you want to make angry And hit show results then tap the pigmy head over and over again until you find the angry Mood!