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The best way to celebrate a friend's birthday at school would be to convince your teacher to make the class sing "Happy Birthday" to him or her.

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Q: How do you celebrate your friend's birthday at school?
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How do you make a sentence with celebrate?

I celebrate my 16th birthday with my friends

What do jls do on their birthday?

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I believe you can celebrate a birthday party when you think you and your friends and family can agree on a time that works for you all! My son has a summer birthday and with everyone being on vacation it's too hard to see who will be in town and who won't. We have recently decided to do end of the year parties that celebrate his early august birthday and the beginning of summer time! So fun that he gets to celebrate with all the friends he's made this school year, hope that helps!

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a surprise party

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You could celebrate a first birthday with a photoshoot for your child, a party at home with family and friends, or starting them on more 'adult' food (such as birthday cake).

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Celebrate your birthday regardless.

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maybe because they want to get time to spend time with Friends and to celebrate their birthday=)

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She is being an ungrateful fool. Anyone should be thrilled to have such good friends that remembered her birthday and would take time to celebrate it. What did she do for your birthday??

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We are attending the game in Cincinnatti this Saturday to celebrate my friends birthday. He has attended the last 25 opening days.

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