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Call customer care

Dial 1-866-402-7366, after the first automated message, push "6", enter your Boost number and pin, then will connect you to a live operator!

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Q: How do you cancel boost mobile account?
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how do Idelete my boost mobile account?

how do I delete my account with boost mobile?

How do you delete call history online boost mobile account?

There is no possible way to delete the call history online for a Boost Mobile account. If you would like to delete your call history, this can be done through the phone handset by accessing "Call History".

What is your boost mobile account number?

252 695 5389

Why cant you enter your boost mobile phone number when trying to login to your boost mobile account from another phone?

Download opera mini from playstore

Can you use a boost mobile phone on sprint service account?

According to Sprint customer service you can not use Boost phones with a Sprint service account.

Do you have to have your boost mobile phone connected to unlock your phone with your Google account?

You phone locking has nothing to do with your Google account.

How do you find a lost cell boost mobile phone?

how do i track down a stolin cell phone or cancel an accout

How do you change phone handsets on a boost mobile account?

change phone to new one

How can you read your boost mobil texts for free while online?

To read Boost Mobile texts for free online, you can log into your account on the Boost Mobile website. This will give you access to your text message history and allow you to read messages online at no extra cost.

Boost Mobile and nextel are mobile to mobile?

Yes any calls made from boost to boost, boost to nextel and boost to sprint are considered mobile to mobile and are free on the daily chat and text plan and on the monthly unlimited. However they are charged on the pay as you go. boost agent

Your account number for boost mobile phone?

you have to call customer service and have them tell you your account number. its not posted in your account online. and i dont believe you can get it any other way

Can I use a sprint samsung s4 in boost mobile?

You might can use your Samsung S4 on Boost Mobile. You will have to call Boost Mobile and see.