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Day 1 is the first day of bleeding. Last day is the day prior to the start of next period. Average cycle is 28 days with an average bleeding duration of 3-5 days.

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Q: How do you calculate menstral cycle?
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Includes the follicular phase ovulation and luteal phase?

Menstral Cycle

How long does the canine menstral cycle last?

My dogs first heat cycle lasted about 4 weeks.

Can quinea pigs eat skins of pineapple?

guinea pigs can only eat on the thrid week of the fourth month of their menstral cycle, and they're winning >:)

How long is a normal menstral cycle?

For humans, 28 days on average with menstruation ending on day 1 and ovulation occurring on day 14. But, every woman's cycle is different. Talk with your gynecologist for more information.

How often is your menstral cycle?

28days roughly But anything from 24-35 is normal Most people establish at pattern, i.e. all periods are roughly the same length

How to calculate length of a cycle?

To calculate the length of a cycle, you have to calculate the last day you see your periods and the first day that you see them.

Is a 35 day menstral cycle normal?

A woman's menstrual cycle does not have to be 28 days as stated in a lot of medical books. Twenty eight days is an average cycle but each individual woman may have a cycle that is different from this number. If your cycle is consistently around 35 days, then that cycle is normal for you. If you have additional questions about your menstrual cycle or if you're worried that something may be wrong, it is best to consult your doctor.

When do women ovualte?

Within First 10 days after their menstral period.

How do you calculate runoff in a water cycle?

You find the speed.

How do you calculate cycle rate for injection molding?

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How do you calculate hertz?

One Hertz is equal to one cycle/second.

How many liters of blood is discharged by a woman during her periods in a month?

About 37 litres in humans. Other mammals lose slightly less as their brains are smaller. The sperm whale loses on average 88 gallons per menstral cycle the equivalent of the volume of a small car.