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In feet: Width x Length = Square Feet

In inches: (width x length) /144= Square Feet

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Q: How do you calculate ft into sq ftthanks?
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How do you calculate the cost of a building by the sq ft if the building is 3000 sq ft and the cost is 10.00 sq ft?

3000 sq-ft multiplied by $10=$30,000 (you would multiply your square-footage by your cost per sq-ft)

How do is calculate 40000 sq ft. 5000 sq ft. 10000 sq ft and 80000 sq ft into a 400 x 400 feet sq area?

It is not entirely clear what the question is asking but the areas can be configured as80000 sq ft = 400 * 200 sq ft leaving an area of 400 * 200 sq ft, then 40000 sq ft = 400 * 100 sq ft leaving an area of 400 * 100 sq ft, then 10000 sq ft = 100 * 100 sq ft leaving an area of 300 * 100 sq ft, then 5000 sq ft = 100 * 50 sq ft leaving an area of 250 * 100 sq ft.

How do i calculate Square inches into feet?

there are 144 Sq. in. in 1 sq. foot. Therefore you divide sq. in. by 144 = sq. ft. or

How do you calculate 545 sq ft of tile 12by12?

545 tiles, as one tile is 1 sq. ft. Divide total square footage by 1.

How many sq ft in a 20x40 garage floor?

To calculate the area of a square or rectangle, multiply the length by the width. In this case, the garage floor is 20 ft. x 40 ft. = 800 sq. ft.

Calculate 3.13 sq ft by 370 sq ft?

This question makes no sense. First, what do you want to calculate? The area? The circumference? Second, either way, the measurements you gave should be in linear feet, not square feet.

What is the formula to calculate acre in square yards?

There are roughly 835.6 ft. in the perimeter of one acre, which calculates to 43,560 sq. ft. There are 9 sq. ft. in one sq. yd. which calculates to 4840 sq. yds. 208.9 x 208.9= 43560 / 43560 / 9= 4480

How you calculate sales per square foot?

Annual sales / Total Sq Ft

How do you calculate sq ft to acres?

Number of square feet divided by 43,560 = acres

What is 19ft by 8ft square meter?

19 ft * 8 ft = 152 sq ft = 14.1 sq metres.19 ft * 8 ft = 152 sq ft = 14.1 sq metres.19 ft * 8 ft = 152 sq ft = 14.1 sq metres.19 ft * 8 ft = 152 sq ft = 14.1 sq metres.

How do you calculate the total cost when your square footage is 150 sq ft and you are covering it with carpet that costs 3.99 per sq ft?

well you multiply 150 times 3.99

How do you change feet into square feet?

Square feet is how you calculate area. Feet is how you measure a line. To calculate area go: lenth(ft) x width(ft)=area(sq. ft)

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