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The Remington Society of America has a services/parts link too but is a good place to start.

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Q: How do you buy a Firing pin for Remington model 12?
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Will a firing pin from a Remington model 11-47 interchange with a westernfield 600 ERI shotgun?

Close, but no cigar. Your Montgomery Ward's shotgun Model 6OOERI is the Remington model SPT 58. You can get the firing pin from for $12 plus hipping. It is part number 100170D.

Where can you buy a firing pin for a Model 94 Stevens 410? I have new firing pins for that model.

Where to buy a firing pin for langenhan pistol?

gunpartscorp has pins for the pocket model, but not the self loader model. See their website.

Cleaning the firing pin on a Remington 7600 rifle?

Ask a gunsmith for help

What is the crossover number for a firing pin for ted Williams 100 model?

The Ted Williams model 100 was a Winchester model 1894 rifle.Use this model to order a new firing pin.

Where can you buy firing pin for model 100 30-30 wichesterTed Williams Sears and Rebuck?

Your sears ted williams model 100 is actually a winchester model 1894 rifle that was made by winchester for sears.You can find a firing pin at numrich gun parts corp.They can be found on the web.

Where could you find a firing pin for JC Higgins model 103 229 22 cal?

There were two types of firing pin used on that model. Would need to see the bolt, but we have the pin.

Where can you buy a firing pin for a Crackshot 26 rifle patented Apr 22 1913?

You can find a firing pin for a J.Stevens "Crack Shot" Model 26 by contacting Cardinal Promotions Inc. at email address:

Where can you buy a firing pin for a Stevens model 67 E series shotgun?

try or a gun smith could make you one

Where can you buy an firing pin for a 380model48 in ga?

Try egunparts

Can i get a new firing pin for model 72 savage?

Numrich eparts

How do you reinstall the firing pin in a model 788?

Best left to a gunsmith

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