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For normal cleaning: it is not made for "breaking down" UNLESS it happens to be a TAKEDOWN rifle. if you want to take it apart, get a copy of the instructions to do so. Most of the gun mechanism can be cleaned with a tooth brush, or artists brush, dipped in HOPPE's #9. You clean the bore from the muzzle end, being careful to avoid rubbing the cleaning rod against the bore's lands and grooves at the muzzle. You can protect the bore at the muzzle by putting a sleeve over the cleaning rod. The sleeve should be able to just fit over the rod and into the bore a little bit. You can use plastic straws of the right size or whatever fits good and won't wear on the bore. The last inch of the bore at the muzzle is very critical to protect for accuracy's sake. Don

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Q: How do you break down a Winchester Model 94 30 30 for cleaning?
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