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You don't.

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Q: How do you bot in RuneScape after the bot nuke?
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What is tri-bot?

A runescape bot

What is a free RuneScape bot?

Don't bot

Why does my RuneScape bot keep failing to install?

well really you should not be even using a bot! Using a bot on RuneScape is against the rules.

How do you autotype on RuneScape?

Download a bot. on such bot is available at:

When will your account be unbanned if you bot on RuneScape?

No. If you bot then you will be banned. If you would like to know more visit runescape website

Can owning a bot for Runescape get you banned even if you do not use it?

This is not likely; the rules refer specifically to using a bot, and besides, there is really no way for RuneScape to detect that you HAVE a bot, if you don't use it.

Can you get blocked from runescape for using epic bot?

With every bot there is a risk. Epic Bot is one of the best and safest bots available for Runescape. I have run Epic Bot for days at a time and not been banned, so your outlook is good.

Can you turn your computer off while your bot is still running on runescape?

You shouldn't bot.

How do you make your RuneScape account a bot?

you DONt, that's how...

How do you script a RuneScape bot?

RuneScape bots use Java. Use a Java Binary Code.

Are there any safe ways to bot or get money levels on runescape?


How do you make cool stuff on runescape?

download epic bot