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try the phone setings if that dont work call the servis provider hope tht helps

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Q: How do you block a number from calling a boost mobile cell phone?
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How do you unblock a phone number on boost mobile phone?

To unblock a phone number through Boost Mobile text 9999 and write ALLOW followed by the phone number you wish to unblock. Similarly if you want to block a number text 9999 and write block followed by the number. A text message from Boost Mobile will be sent confirming the action performed.

How do you block incoming call on boost mobile?

This can be done via the Boost website. There will be a prompt to enter the mobile number from which one wishes to view the calls, followed by a request for the passcode. This will enable the user to view their incoming calls from the past month.

wanted to change my boost mobile phone number?

wanted to change my boost mobile phone number

Can Evercom prepaid collect calling be added to a Boost Mobile cell?

No I can not

Can you transfer your mobile number to a boost mobile phone?

Not sure if there is a way to swap numbers, but you can transfer it. Just cancel your service and once it is canceled you can tell your new providers that you want your old number. Just make sure that you don't wait too long to transfer your number or someone might take it.

What is boost mobiles 800 number?

The number of Boost Mobile is 1-866-402-7366

What are the benefits of getting service with Boost Mobile?

Boost mobile has many benefits for the consumer. A few of them include but are not limited to plans with unlimited calling, texting, and web. They also have many other options of plans.

What type of calling plans come with boost mobile phones?

Boost mobile phones have a range of plans, from pay as you, which is 10 cents a minute, to unlimited plans which are $50-$60 a month depending on what sort of device you have.

What is your boost mobile account number?

252 695 5389