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There are many types of elves and it depends on which one you want to be. You could be a wise elf, a house elf or maybe even one of Santa's elves. Well if you would like to be Santa's helper this what you could do.

You can become one of Santa's elves by being kind and spreading Christmas cheer. Make sure to wear a Santa hat or at least a hat with Christmas colors. Always decorate your house with lots of garland and pretty lights during Christmas time. And remember to be kind and joyful to all!

Maybe if you devote your life into this, in a decade or so you will find your ears are growing.

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Q: How do you become an elf?
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What year did elf become a movie?

Elf was released on November 7th, 2003

What is ELF stand for and do you become exposed?

elf stands for excited little foresters you become one by being bitten by another elf you may experience urges to make toys or fire a bow elf is a serious condition

Can anyone become an elf?

if you belive in santa you can! :)

How do you become a elf in adventure quest?

i dont think you can

What is the name of the Misfit Elf on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?

Hermey the Misfit Elf aspired to become a dentist .

How do you become a elf?

Take your ears and pull them everyday so they can be pointy

How can you get to be a Elf on the Shelf?

To become an Elf on the Shelf, simply purchase the official Elf on the Shelf kit, which includes the elf figure and accompanying storybook. Once you have the kit, follow the instructions in the book to introduce your elf to your home and bring the magic of the holiday tradition to life. Remember, being an Elf on the Shelf involves creating fun and mischievous scenarios for your elf to participate in each day leading up to Christmas.

Why did you not see dobby the house elf become a house elf at hogworts?

You don't see it because the films cut the whole S.P.E.W storyline out. The felt that it wasn't necessary.

The animated elf hermie wasn't happy making toys What did he want to become?

A dentist.

What to do if shelf elf is touched?

They lose their magic when touched! The only way to revive your elf's magic is to place him/her in the freezer overnight. ***Caution: Don't touch the elf with your hands to put your elf in the freezer!*** Place your elf in the freezer using tongs or gloves and leave your elf in the freezer overnight. Bring him/her out the following morning--using tongs or gloves again--and place the elf back in the spot where he/she was touched. If you're lucky, you will revive your elf's magic, and your elf will be hiding somewhere in your house the following morning. ***Be careful not to touch him/her again. If he/she is touched too many times, your elf may become an ordinary doll!*** To be honest, I believe that you sprinkle cinnamon around it. The elf considers cinnamon, medicine. :)

Is their a way to become an elf?

All you got to do is go into nature. Find a troll. Tell it kakamuka loka. it will know what you mean it will start touching you. No need to feel uncomfortable. He'll then repeat it back. if he repeats it twice your an elf, if he says it once, sadly our not an elf.

How Old is Elf on the Shelf Character?

The Elf on the Shelf character was first introduced in 2005, making it approximately 16 years old. It has since become a popular holiday tradition for many families.