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Why should I know? I got the game but I can't find out how to beat it. God!

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Use the electricty suit.

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Q: How do you beat level 8 in Lego batman 2?
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What level do you unlock Batman on Lego Batman 2?

the shiel of death

How do you get flash on Lego Batman 2 for Nintendo 3DS?

You have to beat the game

Is there a citizen in peril in the bonus level in Lego batman 2?


Where is the riddler on Lego batman 2?

He's in the little house on level two

Is Lego Batman 2 the final Lego Batman game?


Is firefly in LEGO batman 2?

no he is only in lego batman 1

What is the difference between LEGO batman 2 and LEGO batman 2 limited edition?

lego suck thats it

How do you beat level 1 on Lego Harry Potter 2?

you try to beat it

How do you unlock Joker?

You can unlock Joker in Lego Batman 2. To do this, you have to beat the game with Batman and then defeat the Joker with The Flash on the Ace Chemical Building.

How do you get Superman in Lego batman 2?

you get to a certain level. I think the 4th or 5th one.

How do you get the last vehicle in Lego batman 2?

Complete the bonus level in free play.

How do you get cyborg on Lego Batman 2?

you unlock him in story mode, level 13 i think...