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You can't its impossible.

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Q: How do you beat hard secret level 3 on astro barrier in club penguin?
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How do you pass level 10 on Astro Barrier on Club Penguin?

if you wait 20 seconds you'll see a blue ship and go to secret levels

How do you get passed level 4 on expert levels on Astro Barrier on Club Penguin?

I'm not sure, use cheats

How do you win Secret level 10 on Club Penguin astro barrier?

Ok, the steps to beat Secret Level #10-Position your shooter/gun to one side of the blockShoot your 'bullet'Move your shooter/gun to the other side of the block, so the 'target' lines up with the 'bullet'I think that's all...

How do you get the secret level on astro barrier?

At the beginning of the game, type in 1, 2, or 3 and it will take you to levels ten, thirty, or forty.

How do you get the club penguin stamp shoot a ship?

In Astro Barrier, when you complete level 10 and its telling you about the orange bar, wait for 15 seconds. a blue ship will come which you can shoot.

How do you get the gear on clock repairs the secret agent level on club penguin?


Is elite penguin force same as secret agent?

they are almost the same thing,ecept you are a higher level if you are elite penguin.

What are the secrets of Club Penguin?

well here is two secrets for club penguin you wont find in the ultimate guide press ed and a sun will appear and the over one you'll have to go to the night club go upstairs and then go over to astro barrier and instead of clicking enter press 3 and you'll go straight to level thirty

Is there a secret split level igloo on club penguin?

No. But there is a secret stone one. Check out my website: It has cheats. it also shows you catalog serets

What happens after you catch the crab on secret fur mission on club penguin?

you give it to G and you go to the next level

How do you get past level three on club penguin of the secret levels?

I dont know, you have to ask what game or event or whatever it is or i cant answer it.

What word on club penguin secret agent handbook is on page 27 line 16 5 words?

what do u do when it come to a hard level