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You need fat in your diet - a calorie is a calorie. You need about 1-3 tablespoons of HEALTHY fat (unsaturated fat) a day depending on your activity level. Use the fat in the frying-pan when making healthy food. Diets which tells you to remove all fat from your diet are dangerous and unsustainable.

HOW TO AVOID UNHEALTHY (saturated fat) :

- No takeaway

- cook your own meals (then you can decide how much fat you use)

- avoid processed foods

- read the labels

Good luck, and please - Be sensible and healthy when dieting.

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Q: How do you avoid fat foods?
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What foods should you avoid on a high calorie diet?

Fat foods

What foods not to eat to avoid belly fat?

You can eat any foods. Excessive eating makes you fat

What foods should you avoid on low fat diet?

Fattening foods, sweets, and chips or junk foods...

What foods to avoid when trying to get a flat stomach?

It is basically foods that contains fat. Junk food and fast food.

What foods should you avoid to get rid of fat loss?

Eating any foods in huge quality will help to get rid of fat loss. Sugary foods are particularly good for this.

what foods should my husband avoid due to his acid reflux?

HIgh fat foods, alcohol, spicy foods, and citrus foods are main foods to avoid if you have acid reflux. Sodas and caffeinated drinks are easily avoided by people who have symptoms

What types of foods should I avoid if I a trying to lowe my cholesterol?

Avoid foods that include trans fat and foods that include saturated fats, such as butter or eggs. Also avoid fatty meats, especially beef with a lot of marbling and ground chuck.

What kind of foods should you avoid to lose a chubby stomach?

You should definetly avoid foods high in fat(of course) but also high in carbohydrates. They give you a bubble butt.

I have bad acid reflix which foods should I avoid?

If you have acid reflux, you should avoid any foods that are very acidic, such as citrus juices. Also avoid alcohol, vinegar and salad dressings, and anything especially high in fat.

What foods should I eat if I have blood type A?

Blood type A people are just the opposite of Blood type O people. You should avoid foods high in fat and eat low fat foods and eat more plant based type foods in your diet.

What food should I avoid if I have high blood pressure?

Generally speaking, you should avoid foods with a high fat and sodium and cholesterol content. Try foods like fish, grains, and beans and avoid things like dairy and cheese.

What foods are worst if you want to burn fat?

To maximize fat burning, you need to be careful to avoid foods that are high in saturated fat, but have a moderate amount of healthy fats like Omega 3's. You also need to limit your high carbohydrate foods like sugars, pastas, and breads.