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just be yourself smile alot and flip your hair around alot apply a lot of make-up to really attract him die your hair a diffrent color like black maybe or blond

dnt listen to this person jus BE URSELF OK


Okaay, well look . Dont listen to these people cause im going through the

same thing . If you real firends with him ask him to go out with you to the movies , on a saturday night or go to the park in the evening . So with apperance ... if your in school and you have to wear uniform , were skinnys . Get them offline or at a department store have sawqqq and be yourself . Be calm but at the same thing be down for anything . Dont go looking about for him then when you finally see him stare at him take like two glance at him them talk to you firends . were make-up but not too much put on natural colors or not just put on mascaara an some chapstick and lipgloss a little bit of blush . Dont forget to be nice and dont hesitate to talk to him .. remember to be calm .

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Q: How do you attract a 14 year old boy if your 13?
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