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Hammerli made 11 different Pellet gun models. Unfortunately you did not state the model number so here is the best I can do with out any information.

See the link below

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Q: How do you assembly a 177 cal hammerli pellet gun?
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Can a 5mm pellet be fired in a .177 cal rifle?

No. a 177 is a 4.5mm pellet. A 5mm is a 20 cal pellet. A 5.5mm is a 22 cal pellet Don't try it in the wrong airgun.

What is the difference between a 22 cal and a 177 cal pellet?


Can I shoot Destroyer EX pellets out of a Gamo Hornet .177?

As long as the pellet is .177 Cal then any .177 caliber pellet will work in your .177 Gamo.

Can you shoot 22 cal pellets with a 177 cal pellet pistol?

No it will jam in the barrel.

What is the difference between 22 and 177 cal?

The 22 is slightly larger than the .177 cal. The 177 Pellet is almost the same diameter as the .175 BB.

What caliber is a Winchester model 423 pellet gun?

Cal .177

Where can you find a replacement trigger assembly for an marksman 441c-177 cal pellet rifle?

Your best bet is to go on-line and do a search for "Airgun repair" and locate a shop near you for repairs.

What is the most accurate 177 cal pellet?

Final Match Pistol Pellets by H&N

What brands of 177 cal can you shoot in your RWS Diana34?

Any .177 cal pellet can be shot from you air rifle. However you will find that some brands are much better than others.

Is the Benjamin Marauder 22 more accurate than a 25 cal?

Somewhat. The .25 cal is just bigger and hits harder. Other than shape and air pressure behind the pellet, the size and weight of the pellet has a effect on the accuracy. OKAY look at it this way. (Pellets come in different weights.) a lightweight pellet will fly faster and farther than a heavy pellet. BUT it is more effected by crosswind than a heavy weight pellet. The Heavy pellet will fly straighter, slower and have more knockdown power than a lighter pellet. So a .25 cal pellet is heaver and slower than a .22 cal pellet but it has more impact and a little more accurate than a .22 cal pellet. PCP rifles come in different sizes. like .177, .20, .22, .25, 9mm, .357 cal 45 cal and 50 cal. Hitting a target with a .177 cal is like hitting it with a BB, but hit it with a 50 cal and you rip a huge hole in the target. The .177 will fly a lot farther but the 50 cal is a destroyer. I own both a .22 cal and a .25 cal Marauder. along with several others.

How far does a 177 cal air rifle shoot?

It all depends on the rifle, pellet and power source.

How old is your crosman model 73 177 cal pellet and bb repeater?

It was made between 1976 and 1983.