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No that would just make him more upset! well its your opinion on what to do.

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Q: How do you ask your boyfriend if he has ever cheated on you without getting him mad?
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Have you ever cheated one a boyfriend or spouse?

No never you see, I would never liked to be cheated either.

If your boyfriend always gets defensive when you ask him if he has ever cheated on you or if he ever will does that mean he has cheated on you?

It means he definitely has . He's more likely getting annoyed with your insecurity. If you keep this up, he will cheat on you , or just look for a more mature woman that can trust him.

How could i trust my boyfriend again after he has cheated me many times?

It seems unlikely that you will ever be able to trust him.

What if you were told that your boyfriend is a player then be told that he cheated on girls then told that they cheated on him?

Well think about who told you. Was it your friend? And where did she hear it from. Try to find one of your boyfriend's past girlfriends and ask them if he had ever cheated on them. If he is a cheater try to find someone else. It's best to be with someone who you know isn't going to break your heart.

Has Synyster Gates ever cheated?

No, Brian has never cheated.

Will i ever love anyone like i loved my ex boyfriend?

If ure bf cheated on you,then i think you should forget about him! About the question you asked, it depends! If ure bf cheated on you,then i think you should forget about him! About the question you asked, it depends!

What do you do when you cheat on your boyfriend?

If you did cheat on your boyfriend you need to ask yourself, do you really love your boyfriend or this other guy (one you cheated on)? If you love your boyfriend you should tell him and talk to him and tell why you cheated on him. (was it something he did or said that made you feel like you needed to cheat on him) But if you don't love your boyfriend but you love the other guy then you should tell them both how you feel and break up with your current boyfriend. Talking is the best thing you can do. :) If my gf cheated on me i will beat her to oblivion then stick my 10000000 inch monster-madness and tell her how much she is missing this. well who ever said this is more than likely to cheat^

If you were with your boyfriend for 4 yrs. but he cheated on you and hit you then you finally got tired of it and cheated on him and ended up pregnant by another guy should you still be with ur man?

cheating is one thing but when he started hitting you that was the worse sign ever it was your sign to leave you cheated because he cheated and hit you. Why didn't you break up with him and called the police? anyways don't be with him.

Who is Taylor swifts song you are never ever ever getting back together about?

Her ex boyfriend , conor kennedy, I think!:)

Has Taylor Swift ever been cheated on?

she talks about being cheated on in most of her songs.

Is it okay for your boyfriend to continue to be friends with the girl he cheated on you with?

Yes it is okay. You don't control his life. He can be friends with whom ever he likes. As long as he isn't cheating on you at present.

Have you ever cheated in school?

yes!!!!!who hasn't.

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