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Don't ask him directly cause that will be just awkward. Maybe ask for few people's MSN and then ask him so it's not that obvious.

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Q: How do you ask the guy you like for his msn?
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How do you get a guy you don't really know but really like to notice you or ask you out?

Talk To Him, Add Him On Msn And Just Be You

Does a guy like you when he takes your bag as a joke at school and when he casually says on msn g2g cya love you xoxo?

prbly i wood ask him

How can a girl be friends with a guy?

well u know u tlk for a bit ask for his email/msn/facebook/myspace w.e and just socialize abit then ask to hang out like the mal stuff like that .

Can a guy be friend with a girl?

well u know u tlk for a bit ask for his email/msn/facebook/myspace w.e and just socialize abit then ask to hang out like the mal stuff like that .

You have this guy friend that is hot. you like him but not sure if he likes you. you erase him from your friend's list hoping he'll notice. how do you get him to want you and be his girl?

When i did that before, the guy re-added me. So if he did that then he might like you. But basically, i would ask him on msn, do you like me? and if you feel insecure about asking that then get a friend to ask. Hope i helped.

There's this boy i really like and I think he likes me too but he doesnt have msn and you barely ever see him what shall you do? can: -Go to him and ask him if he likes you or -Hang out with him and look for signs or -Ask one of his friends and tell the friend to ask the guy you like what HE thinks of YOU

Why does he sometimes ignore you on msn?

there is this guy i really like on msn and he lives far away and stuff so it isn't like i can text him everyday and see him everyday but we talk on msn most days but sometimes he ignores me and things like that. he uses smileys alot tho and is very nice and was like i wish you could move down to where i live. I don't know what he thinks of me and I'm to scared to ask him. What should i do?

There is this girl you like you are both good friends but you barley get too see her You have her MSN and her Phone number how can you impres her ad ask her out You wana ask her out in person?

girls dont like being asked out over the phone or on msn ASK HER OUT IN PERSON

How do you want to get a guy to ask you out?

Get that guy's best friend to tell that guy that you like him, and to ask you out.

How do you tell if a guy like you?

- He always staring at you. - He always around oyu - He licks his lips around you. - he asks for your MSN - If he has your MSN when you log on he will say hi straight away.

If a guy likes you and you ask him to come on MSN Messenger and he asks you what his email add is and then he doesnt come online is he trying to test me or rude answers advice needed?

you might not have put in the correct address in, but ask him, ask him if hes coming on tonight. So when he doesn't ask him how come you werent on msn last night. he might have an honest answer

How do you attract a boy crush in grade seven?

Be yourself! If he doesn't like you for you, move on to the next guy.