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How to ask someone out?

  1. Well, first think about that person's personality. It could help you find a way to ask him/her out.(This is first step to both methods below.)
  2. Now, use that info to talk to that person. If she/he wants to hear it straight forward just go to them and say something like this, "Do you want to go out with me?" If they want to hear it romantically then you should start to do more research about him/her. (This is more likely for boys)

2. (Continued) If you found out where she lives then continue reading.

Buy her some roses, go to her house, when she opens the door softly ask,

"Would, you care to go out with me?" And don't forget to dress nicely.

There more ways to ask her romantically but this is one.

Hope this works! :D

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Q: How do you ask someone?
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