How do you ask out girls?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Don't be nervous, pushy, or desperate. Instead be relaxed, confident, and positive. You don't need to tell her she looks sexy, save that for the second date. Also don't say some thing like "I was wondering if you would like to go out some time?" While it's a reasonable attempt, it would be better not to use the words "go out" or "date". Instead start a conversation and bring up an activity of interest by saying something like "hey do you like comedies? I heard the new (funny actor's name goes here) film is playing Friday and I was thinking of going, would you be interested in seeing it? If by some chance she answered no she doesn't like comedies just tell her that's too bad it's your favorite and switch to something else like "do you like salsa dancing?"

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if you do not now if she likes you just play it cool be your self. to make her talk to you more become friends with her become talkive an some time just listen an be silent she will see there is something you wanna say but make your self appropriate no guy has one a girls hart but being gross an smelly but new lynix or what ever se what she likes an when she starts to fidget get her alone an ask her the worst she can do is say no guy get a weird thing in there head thinking they will laugh but if the do that they will get a bad rep so just stay cool hope that helps man

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look into their eyes and say: "I like you. I really want to be your boyfriend. So will you be my girlfriend?" then smile.

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Q: How do you ask out girls?
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