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beat around the bush until he ask do you want to meet him and you say yes

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You simply ask to be invited. They will either say yes or no.

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Hey friend can you have a sleepover with me?

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Can You Over to my house to have a Sleepover with you

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Q: How do you ask a guy if you can come over to his house?
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How do you get a guy to come over?

Just ask him. If he really wants to come over and see you, he will come!

How do you ask if you can go to your best guy friends house?

"Hey, can I come over?" "let's hang/chill out at your place."

How do you ask your mum if a guy can come to your house to watch a movie with you?

Just be like "mom do you think this one friend of mine could come over and watch a movie with me?" she will probably be like "which friend?" just explain that it is this guy in you class and he is your friend or if you do want to tell her that it is a guy you like than just tell her that.

How do you know when a guy likes you if he comes over to your house?

I dont know excactly but i have guy friends over a lot but if he comes over just to be with you alone, then he probably likes you. If you dont know just ask him. :-)

What are 3 ways to get a guy to like you and ask you out?

1. Ask him how he feels if he seems upset 2. Ask him to come over or meet you somewhere 3. Talk to his friends and ask them about him.

If a guy wants to come to my house all of the time and we have a lot in common does he like me?

He probably likes you, im a middle school guy and i hung around my girlfriends house for a couple of months befor i got the courage to ask her out. If a guy is with u alone a lot then he either likes you and dosent have the courage to ask you out, or he is gay.

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Does your guy friend like you if you stay at his house and he pulls you over and you fall asleep on his chest?

How sweet. Why don't you ask him if likes you or not?

How do you tell your guy friend that you want to be more than friends with him?

ask him to come to your house and say i like you dont worry nothing will happen

How do you ask out a guy if you are a girl?

just ask he will be over the moon

How to ask a guy out but I'm too shy?

Over come your shyness and talk to him. Say you like him, and then ask him out. Simple, I'm a girl and I know what you mean. Hope this helps.

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