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Get to know the boy a bit first, judge off personality not just looks. Then when you are more friendly with him be a bit flirty before eventually asking who he likes .. if nothing suggests he likes you just ask him yourself or get a friend to ask him out for you.

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Q: How do you ask a boy out what do you say?
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What to do if you want to ask a boy out?

you go up to him and say "i want to ask you out"

When should a boy ask a girl out?

Whenever it's not where or when you say it it's what you say :)

How do you ask a girl if she is free or taken?

Say, do you have a boy friend?

How do you ask someone to be your boyfriend or girlfriend?

say be my boy friend

What should you say if you want to ask a boy out?

Start up a talk, ask about his schedule. Then ask if he could be available.

Should you ask out a boy?

Yeah. Why not ask a boy it's the same as a boy asking you, just go for it the worst he can say is no. and if he does then there is plenty more fish in the sea.

How do you ask a boy out you know that likes you to?

you go to him and say ''do you want to go out with me''.

How do you no if your boy friend loves you?

ask him do u love me or say ''i love you''

How would a girl ask a boy out?

she will say that she is going to this place alone

How do you make a boy say something mean to you?

Ask them if they think you are ugly. 

What to do if a boy is going to ask you out?

Well if you like him then say yes.If you do not like him say no but brake it to him gentenly.

What does a boy say to ask a girl out?

compliment on her face and her figure and the say u have beautiful eyes