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Write him a note ,or pass it to your friends to tell his friends to tell him I gangster boy liked me last year and last year I was preppy. One kid told us that w made a cute couple

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Q: How do you ask a 7th grade gangster boy out if your a 7th grade preppy girl?
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How do you talk to a 7th grade gangster boy if your a 7th grade preppy girl your friend talked to him when he was alone an he was nice but when he is with his friend he is a jerk we have math together?

when he's alone! if his friend tells you that he's a jerk he probably likes you!

If you're a shy girl and in 6 grade how do you get a 7 grade boy's attention?

I'm a 7th grade girl, so I know. I would talk to him, write notes to him, and hang out with him if possible. If not, get a 7th grade girl to tell him you like him.

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( : always

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It depends. You shouldn't ask a girl out just because of the grade you're in.

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Like socially are there any problems with an 8th grade boy who goes out with a 7th grade girl?

well no