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The pool water level will correspond roughly to the centerline of the float. So raising the float height raises the water level and vice versa. The float and its short rod connect to the float valve with a small 'wing' nut or screw. Using a small pair of pliers, carefully loosen this screw a bit until the float/rod pivots freely up and down on the valve assembly. Reposition it where you would like it, and retighten the screw. (No need to overtighten--just snug so the float is fixed to the valve portion.) It may take a couple of days for the level to adjust; then go back and readjust the float if needed. I would not 'bend the rod', as some have suggested, as the rod on this type of float is usually very short and doing so will likely break off the float or damage the valve.

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Q: How do you adjust level float in swimming pool?
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