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click 7643 at the top

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Q: How do you add things on your wish list on stardoll?
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How do you add clothes to your wish list in the starplaza on stardoll?

well i dont know because i need to know aswell

How can you place celebrities in your scenery on stardoll?

you add them in your friends list and then when they reply you can add them in your scenerys on stardoll and vote me covergirl miss_ashley_fan and join my club lol

Where do you add things to your wish list on amazon?

Beside the cart it says wishlist, click on that, then you have to make an amazon account, or sign in as the one you are

How do you add things to your wishlist on stardoll?

You click on the purple heart next to the price tag

How do you add things to wishlist on stardoll?

You click on the purple heart next to the price tag

What happens if you cheat on stardoll?

your can't cheat on stardoll add me on stardoll superjosh1234

How do you make a wish list for Neopets?

on the opening page there is a picture that you can click on that says something like new items or it will be an advertisement for a neopet brand object and it will take you to the items page. click on the item that you want to add to your wish list and under the add to shoping cart butten there will be a a butten that says add to wish list

How do you add games to your 3DS wishlist?

go to Nintendo e shop (you need to be connected to the internet) and tap what you want. Then tap the orange bar that says add to your wish list. then it will be on your wish list

On stardoll how do you get stardollars without being a superstar?

Play and earn or add stardoll on facebook/twitter Hope I helped! Add me on stardoll my usernames pearly202 :]

Why is it you can add to wish list and gift SOME loot items but NOT others on Mafia Wars on Facebook?

loot items are the ones you can send as a gift and add to your wish list. items that are bought from the inventory store, bought from the Godfather and items that you got from special events (like the Halloween items) you cannot send them as gifts or add them to wish list.

Do stardoll rock?

YES!! Add me! Im Beep-beep19 on stardoll

Where is my gift code on stardoll?

Add Me On Stardoll, I Am wayne260 and I'll help you.