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i have lost motoming a1200 user lock code plz help me

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2012-07-22 09:17:11
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what is batmans secret identity name

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Q: How do you Reset lock code for a moto ming a1200?
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split second timing

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European manufactured goods were generally of lower quality than Chinese goods.

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There is Ming the Merciless of the planet Mongo, who is the main nemesis to Flash Gordon, who has alliances with Prince Barin leader of the forest kingdom of Arboria, Queen Fria who rules the ice kingdom, Queen Desirawho rules the jungle kingdom of Tropica and King Kala who rules the Shark Men down underneath the sea and Prince Vultan who rules the flying city of the Hawkmen not to be confused with Hawkman from D.C. comics who...In one of the many Hawkman variations came from the planet Thanagar which was a highly advanced scientific world that did not suffer poverty or strife, at least "pre-crisis" universe and it was led by a single governmental Ruling Council but found a need for a new kind of leader after the invasion of an alien race known as the Manhawks. Paran Katar established the Hawk Police to defend against this new enemy and Katar Hol, Paran's son become one of the Hawk Polices first "Wingmen". At some point in Thanagars history there was the evil villain the Equalizer that caused a devastating plague on that planet and that was followed by the hostile take over of Hyathis who is the Queen of the planet Alstair of the Antares solar system. Hyathis is continually at war with three other planetary monarchs; Kanjar Ro who is the dictator of Dhor, there is Kromm the metal skinned ruler of the planet Mosteel and Sayyal the lizard king of the planet Llar. Hawkman and Haythis both are frequent visitors to the Justice League of America where Superman a.k.a. Kal-El is a member.Kal-El is the son of Zor-El who was once an influential leader of the planet Krypton before its tragic and explosive demise. Kal-El was spared the tragedy by being rocketed to Earth where he was raised by an old Kansas farm couple who taught him truth, justice and the American way and so he became Superman who has saved the planet Earth from countless villains who lead countless villainous planets but some of the more recognizable villainous leaders of villainous planets are...Vril Dox who freed the Coluans from the evil tyrants of Colu the planet that brought us Brainiac. In the "pre-crisis" universe, Vril was an android that rebelled against the computer tyrants. In "post-crisis" universe, Vril is the actual consciousness of Braniac or so I think...I get too confused with all that "pre-crisis" and "post-crisis" stuff but there is nothing confusing about Bizarro World where Bizarro rules that planet known as Htrae in "pre-crisis" days and just simply Bizarro World post crisis. There are many more planets in the D.C. Universe but there is little time and so many fictional planets with fictional leaders to list. And I would be remiss to mention D.C. and not Marvel with there vast array of fictional planets with fictional leaders.The Marvel Universe has what I believe to be one of the coolest characters ever created in the Silver Surfer who came from the planet Zenn-La where he lived as Norrin Rad but sacrificed his own life to save his planet from the planet eater known as Galactus. As a cosmic surfer who was once the herald for the planet eater known as Galactus, the Silver Surfer has encountered many fictional leaders on many fictional planets such as; Nova (Frankie Raye) of the planet Skrullos home of the Skrulls and Captain Mar-Vell of the planet Kree but the kookiest fictional planet with the kookiest fictional leader in the Marvel Universe has got to be...Mojoruler of Mojo World and the Mojoverse which is inhabited by an alien species of spineless creatures who are immobile with out the advancement of technology. Mojo maintains his rule over the Mojoverse by airing his gladiatorial episodes on his Mojomedia to his addicted audience.In more serious literary fare, at least serious in the science fiction world, there are the planets such as; Brontitallwhich is a planet populated by really smart birds who actually live in the right ear of the statue of Artur Dent built in honor of the man who inspired them to reject robot technology. At first the bird people were ground dwellers but that changed after the "shoe event horizon" when the poorly made shoes of the evil corporation Dolmansaxlil Shoe Corporation reached a critical mass and the economy collapsed and the bird people of Brontitall vowed never to walk the ground again. This was a planet created by Douglas Adams in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. There was then the planet Chton created by Piers Anthony in his first published novel of the same name where Aton Fiveinadvertently becomes that planets anti-hero leader.There is the planet Helicon created by Isaac Asimov in his Foundation series that was the birthplace of the leader Hari Seldon who created psychohistory and is directly and indirectly the leader of such planets like Trantar. There is the planet Dune that is central to the Messianic rise of leader Paul Atreides and there is Johnnie Rico of Robert A. Heinlien's Starship Trooper who became a military leader in his own right and often visited the planet Sanctuary. But, enough of the serious stuff, let's ponder briefly the fictional worlds of Calvin and Hobbes.As Spaceman Spiff and undeniable leader, certainly in the mind of an adolescent boy, there are the planets; Ahnooie, Bog, Gloob, Mok, Plootarg, Q-13 and X-13, Zark, Zarthron 9, Zog, Zok, Zokk and Zorg.In the Alien films there were the planets Acheron also known as LV-426 and Fiorina 161 where for all intents and purposes it was Ripley who was the leader of those planets at those times. And in the film the Chronicles of Riddick there is the planet Hellion Prime which is invaded by the Necromongers led by Marshall. In Star Wars there are the planets Tatoonie which is the home world of Anikan Skywalker who would later become Darth Vadar and there is the planet, or moon known as Daghobah a swamp world where the Jedi leader Yoda is in hiding training young Jedi master Luke Sky Walker, brother to rebellion leader Princess Leia.In both the television series and the movies of Star Trek there are such planets as Vulcan where Spock would someday lead and there were the twin planets of Romulus and Remus and the ultra cool Klingons of the planet Klingon where the Klingon Gowron rules.These are just a few of the many, many, many worlds of fictional planets with fictional leaders.

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