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No sn data that I am aware of.

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Q: How do you Find the year of a howa rifle?
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Howa rifle 270 model 1500?

What about it? You haven't asked a question.

How many yards can a 270 Howa rifle shoot?

1500 give or take.

Is dry firing a howa 270 rifle safe?

safe yes, smart no.

Howa 1500 270 what is this rifle worth?

Depending on condition, 100-400 USD.

Howa 1500 570 what id s the rifle worth?

50-500 USD or so

What is a Smith and Wesson 1500?

A bolt action rifle made for S&W by Howa in Japan.

Who makes weatherby vanguard rifles?

The later ones are made by Howa in Japan. Vanguard is almost identical to the Howa 1500 which was also sold as Smith & Wesson rifle and Mossberg 1500.

What is the value of a dickson howa golden bear rifle?

Your Dickson Howa Golden Bear is a copy of the Sako Finnbear. Dickson was a US importer who brought the Howa rifle in from Japan. The Howa is a good rifle. The Golden Bear is the same as a Smith and Wesson Model 1500 and Mossberg Model 1500. Weatherby Vanguard is very similar also. There was a recall on some Howa/Smith and Wesson rifles. The flaw was that closing the bolt could cause the gun to accidentally fire without touching the trigger. Get your serial number checked to see if the recall applies to your firearm. If it does, get it fixed. In 1970, Your rifle retailed for $130.00 US. Today, in mint conditon, your rifle would be valued at $650.00. Any nicks or worn bluing would naturally decrease the gun's value.

Is the nosler custom rifle really a howa?

The NoslerCustom Rifle is not a Howa. It is impossible to build a bolt action rifle that doesn't have similar features of current rifles. The NoslerCustom actions are designed and manufactured by Nosler, Inc. and never share a manufacturing facility with any other rifle, ammunition, or bullet manufacturers. Anyone that holds and feels a NoslerCustom rifle never questions whether it is made by another manufacturer.

What is your howa rifle 270 model 1500 with a redfield 3-9x40 scope worth?

50-450 usd

What is the price of a howa 223 rifle?

Model 1500, Trophy Standard in very good condition, around $450

What is the value of a smith Wesson model 1500 rifle?

Value on a rifle depends on the caliber and condition. The S&W 1500 was manufactured in Japan by a company named Howa, and they are high quality rifles. Howa also made guns for Weatherby and Mossberg. In good used condition they are worth $300-$400.