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good things make things tern out good in the end

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Q: How do values and attitudes influence behaviors?
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What is the process by which people learn the values behaviors and attitudes that influence how they live?


Children learn the values behaviors and attitudes that will influence their lives through?


How does visual media reflect or influence social behaviors and attitudes?

how visual media either reflect, or influence social behaviors and attitudes

What do values influence?

Attitudes and Appearances

What is the process of learning new norms values attitudes and behaviors.?


What term describes people who influence the behaviors opinions or attitudes of others?

A leader.

Is culture inherited?

Culture is a learned system of knowledge, behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, values, and norms that is shared.

In anthropology the term culture refers to?

the learned behaviors, values, attitudes and beliefs shared by members of a population

What does your attitudes influence?

Our attitudes influence

How did art music architecture and litature influence values and attitudes in medieval Europe?

Justin Bieber

How does audio media either reflect or influence social behaviors and attitudes?

Audio media has greatly influenced social behaviors and attitudes especially for the young people these days. The music has lyrics that are reflective of the artists lifestyle and young people try to emulate them.

What are the advantages of hidden curriculum?

One of the advantages of hidden curriculum are that they deal with attitudes, values, beliefs, and behavior. It can be used to influence positive attitudes and behavior.

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