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I want to ask if you like me, but before you answer I want to let you know that I really like you.

I wanted the new dress, but it did not fit me.

She tried, but the stew just did not taste good.

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Q: How do use but in an asking sentence?
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How would you use 'when' in a sentence?

So- you are asking when to use 'when' in a sentence. When you are asking how to use when in a question, you are already using when in a sentence, because a question actually is a sentence. I like to use when in a sentence whenever I like.

When do you use can in a sentence?

When your asking a question

How do you write bantu in a sentence?

I'm asking how do you use Bantu in a sentence :)

How do you use lubricated in sentence?

by asking that question!

How would you use authentically in a sentence?

I would use it correctly in a sentence, of course. Thank you for asking.

How can you use the word bilious in a sentence?

If I knew how to use the word bilious in a sentence, I wouldn't be asking you!

How do you use gradually in the sentence?

I gradually did not understand your question because you did not give "the sentence" that you're asking how to use it in.

When will you use 'do' in a sentence?

When you are asking a question or if you are declaring something.

How do use prerecorded in a sentence?

I have no idea THAT IS WHY IM ASKING

How do you use the word depressed in a sentence?

i am depressed that you are asking this

How can you use moderation in a sentence?

Use moderation in asking Answers.Com your homework questions.

Should you use what or which to start a sentence?

It depends on the question you are asking.