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They are made out of stainless steel or acrylic, acrylic is better for tongue rings because if you accidentally bite one of the balls you won't chip a tooth.

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Q: How do tongue rings keep from rusting?
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Are there any complications with tongue rings?

There are multiple complications that can occur from tongue rings. Infection is a common complication. Tongue rings can also crack or chip your teeth and increase the risk of damage to teeth enamel.

Can tongue rings be used as earring's?

you can do it. i have some friends that put bellyrings and tongue rings in there ears.

Can tongue rings be use as bellybutton rings?

No. A tongue bar is straight, whereas a bellybutton bar is curved (known as a banana bar).

Are they any sayings for people who play with their tongue rings?

No unless you come up with one or two of your own, then I would suggest you keep them to your self.

Why were tongue rings invented?

Tongue rings have been used for cultural and religious purposes for thousands of years in various indigenous tribes. In modern times, tongue rings became popular in Western culture as a form of body adornment and self-expression. Some people also get tongue piercings for increased sexual pleasure or aesthetic reasons.

What is a Lock on tongue rings?

There is no "lock on a tongue ring" and it's not a ring it's a barbell.

How can a person stop an outdoor table from rusting?

Keeping an outdoor table dry and covered from the elements will help keep it from rusting. Paste wax, greasing, and rust-proof paint are other ways to keep them from rusting if you're unable to keep them out of the rain.

How do you keep a galvanize roof from rusting?

Paint it

If you live in a humid climate, what are some useful ways to keep an iron pot from rusting?

In order for you to keep your iron pot from rusting, you will need to keep it away from any water or moisture. I have also found that coating the iron, such as a seal or paint will dramatically limit the amount of rusting.

Why is it important to keep the tip of your soldering iron tinned?

To keep the tip from rusting.

Do you have a coating to put inside a 3200 gal water tank to keep it from rusting ?

yes i have coating to put inside a 3200 gal water tank to keep it from rusting

What is it called if you have two tongue rings?

If they're in the middle of your tongue, they're just double center tongue piercings. If they're side by side, on either side of your tongue, they're venom tongue piercings.