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saturated fats- are evenly filled with hydrogen so the are able to stay solid at room temperature.

unsaturated fats- are unable to be solidafied at room temperature unless sombode manualy solidifies it. It will not stay solidified for very long at room temperature!

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Q: How do saturated and unsaturated triglycerides compare to how tightly they pack together?
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How could you compare a saturated solution to an unsaturated solution?

In a saturated solution, if you add any more of the substance that the solution is saturated with, it will either not dissolve or cause some of the existing solute to precipitate or separate. The one caveat is that it is possible to achieve a "supersaturated solution" by careful manipulation of a solution to bring it into a metastable state. One common way to achieve supersaturation is to cool a saturated solution in a container which is so smooth that it lacks nucleation sites.

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There is no way to compare saturated fat with regular fat because in that context, regular fat does not exist! Carbon compounds can form three types of attachments with other atoms. They can share a single bond, a double bond, or a triple bond. A saturated fat is a fat where every carbon atom is attached to every other atom by a single bond. A mono-unsaturated fat, is a fat that contains one double bond. Poly unsaturated fats contain many double bonds.

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