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What you should do is just go and have a drink but if this don't work

you should hold your breath for about 10 seconds, Works for me :)

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Q: How do react when someone scares you really bad that you cant quit laughing?
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How do you react to a fart?

You say excuse you and please be polite about it. Don't start laughing at them. I will make them feel really bad and will cause other people to join in the laughter.

Why is it that when you tickle yourself you don't laugh but when someone else tickles you you laugh?

No one is really sure, but we suspect it has something to do with your brain being subconsciously ready. Also you do not have the element of suprise so you're body will not react the samewhere as if another person weretickling you, you wouldn't have any idea of way they will tickle you and will cause you're boy to react by laughing, because they have the element of surprise to you.

How does victor react to seeing Henry's corpse?

The monster is in the distance, laughing and mocking him, saying "I am satisfied "

How are you sappossed to react to someone who is sensitive?

You are supposed to react to someone who is sensitive in a kind and understanding manner. Be considerate of their feelings and the fact that they are sensitive.

What would you do if you had an encounter with a poisonous snake?

You stay very still and slowly back away from the snake. If the snake follows you dont react too quickly- its stresses and scares the snake.

How to react when one praises my work?

You would react with happiness when someone praises your work.

How does someone react when someone gets mesmerizing by girlfriend?

he gets hard

Does your asthma react while pregnancy?

yes because pregnant people are very sensitive. so if someone has asthma really bad, then they would have it worse while pregnant.

How do you react to someone high on heroine?

call an ambulance

How do you react when someone as died?

you act very sad

What causes us to react to things?

Your reflexes automatically make you react to things without you knowing it. You react to someone throwing something at you to protect your body.

What does silicon react to?

Silicon doesnt really react a lot unless it is under extremely high temperatures