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Celebrities are people, too. They lose weight by lowering their caloric intake.

However, because they have access to things like personal trainers and personal chefs, they can more easily maintain a low body weight.

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Q: How do most celebrities lose weight?
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How celebrities lose weight?

Celebrities lose weight in various ways. They use personal trainers to help them throughout the process or even use medical ways such as liposuction.

How do pop singers lose weight?

Pop singers and other celebrity's lose weight usually by hiring a fitness trainer and eating healthily as well as working out at the gym. Some celebrities also lose weight unhealthily by developing an eating disorder like anorexia or bullimia and some also loose weight by suffering from malnutrition but it's not just celebrities and pop stars who suffer from eating disorders anyone can!.

Why would some celebrities start using diet recipes?

Some celebrities start using diet recipes in order to lose weight, or to maintain a healthy weight. There are many celebrities who choose to live a vegan lifestyle, and they need recipes to enable them to accurately bake food items.

Does honey with hot water help to lose weight?

No... exercise! It's the most best way to lose weight. :)

Does Nutrasystem help you lose weight?

The Nutrasystem can help you lose weight if you are diligent in sticking with their diet plan and following their guidelines to lose weight. The most important thing is be disciplined and persevere.

In prison can you see a doctor to lose weight?

Yes, most prison doctors will give advice on how an inmate can lose weight.

What exercises helps you lose the most weight?


Why bipolar medicine helps you lose weight?

it doesn't, most make you gain weight

Is fiber brownies a good way to lose weight?

No. Any sugary foods and/or beverages are most definitely NOT a good way to lose weight.

What is the most dangerous way to lose weight?

smoke ice

How much weight should I lose?

In my opinion, you have no neeed to lose your weight. You should have to focus to maintain your health and fitness which is most important part of our life.

Why do people want to lose weight?

because all the celebrities are slim and they are rich and they want to be like them.