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Q: How do i unlock a sidekick id for a cingular SIM card?
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What is a non cingular SIM card?

non cingular sim card

Can you put your gophone sim card in another phone that is not cingular?

Well, the sim card works just like any other sim card in a CINGULAR phone, but if you have the unlock codes to your other phone, I'm sure it will work.

What is a NON Cingular SIM?

non cingular sim card

Can i buy a sidekick and use my cingular sim chip?

i wish i new i wish i new

How do i get my cingular go phone sim card to work in an att wireless blackberry 7280?

Buy an unlock code from eBay for a few bucks.

Can you use a cingular sim card with a Verizon phone?


Can you put an i wireless sim card in a cingular phone?

yes, as long as the i wireless sim card fits!

Is it possible to use a prepaid Cingular Sim card in a Razor phone?

Yes if your Razr is from Cingular or unlocked. You can not use a T-Mobile Razor with Cingular prepaid sim card or Globaltravellersim prepaid international sim card unless your phone is unlocked.

I put my SIM card into your sidekick slide but it does not read the SIM card?

First, you would need to unlock the Sidekick. And make sure that the SIM card you're using is GSM-based. Now, once the Sidekick is unlocked, then you can use the phone for calling and texting only. You may not be able to use the data on your phone even if you register the phone for a data plan. Sidekick phones have special data plans that only T Mobile can support.

Can a Cingular phone be used with T-Mobile?

Technically speaking, a Cingular phone can be used with T-Mobile, as you only need to switch the SIM card. However, the phone may be locked to Cingular, in which you need to unlock it to be used with another GSM network.

Can you use your cingular sim card in a Sprint samsung a900?


Can you change your pcs phone to a cingular sim phone?

i have a pcs phone and i have an old cingular phone i really liked it has a sim card pcs does not can it be done