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You call the phone number given on the sticker attached to the card, answer a series of questions and then your new card will be activated. You can also do this on their website.

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Q: How do i activate my horizon gold card?
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How do you activate a Horizon Gold Card?

i buy stuff

How do i activate my gold card?

There should be a phone number on the card to call to activate.

How do you log in to your Horizon Card Services or Net First Platinum Benefits account?

I just got my Horizon Gold card activated but still need to activate my card for the Roadside Program, Legal Assistance, Discount Prescription & Credit Watch services.

Can you use your horizon gold card for hotels and if so which ones?

No. The Horizon gold card can only be used in the company's online store...

What is a Horizon gold credit card?

The Horizon Gold Card is a $500 Unsecured Credit Line that can be used to purchase products from The Horizon Gold Card is NOT a Visa or MasterCard and does not hold a cash value. Other benefits of the Horizon Gold Card include monthly reports to Trans Union, Road Side Assistance, Pre-paid legal network, Equifax® Credit Watch Gold, and the Universal Prescription Plan. The Horizon Gold Card has had negative feedback from users that applied for the Horizon Gold Card thinking they were getting a Visa or MasterCard. As a result the Terms and Conditions of The Horizon Gold Card was placed at the top of their website for all to see and read.

Can you use your horizon gold card anywhere?

Yea What Stores Can You Use It At?What Stores Take Horizon Card?

Can you get a cash advance on the horizon gold card?


How do you contact horizon gold credit card customer service?

1-800-251-6144 i just sign 4 a horizon gold card n when do i get it

What is a horizon gold credit card used for?

I don't no something

Where can you use a Horizon Gold credit card?

You can use your Horizon Gold credit card for purchases at It is not like a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or other traditional credit cards.

Is horizon outlet the only online store you can purchase things with a horizon gold card?

Is Horizon Outlet The Only Store I Can Shop At

Need to update your Horizon gold card?

Horizon Gold Card is an unsecured credit card used for Horizon Outlets. If you need to update your Horizon Gold Card, log in at and enter your new information.

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