How do girls like to be complemented?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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I find the best way is to pick something obvious and easy, example - "your hair looks lovely today" or "I love the way you dress"

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Q: How do girls like to be complemented?
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What girls like the most?

being complemented for sure. i love when someone complements me. even if its something small. i could be having a bad day and someone says somethinng nice to me and it makes me feel better.

What to do to get a girl to like you?

You can't MAKE a girl like you, but you can show her subtle hints that you like her. Me, being a girl, I know that girls love to be complemented. If she smiles and blushes, that is a sign that she gets your hint. And an important tip, (Even though it sounds cheesy) Be yourself! If you pretend to be someone your not, she's falling for a lie. It's unfair to her. I wish you the best of luck!

Did Marie Antoinette like dancing?

yes she did she was the star of the show at her wedding. she started dancing at a young age. she was complemented on her dancing by everyone who witnessed it.

Can you give adjective from a tall young woman walked into the shop?

Yes. If she is happy with her body and is young she might like to be complemented (as long as it is not obusive.

What goes through a teenage guys head about girls not like football what do they want 2 hear from girls?

Well, pretty much that your interested. well it really depends what kind of guy it is but almost all like to talk about cars crashing things video games or sports but they will also listen to your interests oh and guys like to be told that there really strong so we guys like to be complemented [i know i spelled that wrong] somthing i just figured out guys are way more complecated then girls um no girl are way more complicated then guys. except yall always put people down by their looks. atleast girls go straight up to the other girl and tell them they dont like them......?

What kind of girls you like?

I like girls that are honest. I like girls who are caring.

What kind of girls do you like?

I like girls that are honest. I like girls who are caring.

Where do girls like going?

girls like going to restraunts. girls like going bowling. girls like going out with mates.

What is a lymphocyte that is capable of responding to a specific antigen by binding called?


Do white girls like to?

Do white girls like to what?

What do girls like the most about there selfand why that?

Different girls like different things about themselves. Some girls like their body, the way the look. Some girls like their smile, eyes etc. Some girls like who they are about themselves and like their personality.

What does it mean to have A with a ' above it?

This has to do with sets in math. It means "is complemented by" (and yes, complemented is spelled right). for example: c' (read as: c complement or c is a complement of) the set of W. it means everything outside the set of W.