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Have sex with them

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Q: How do convince someone that you're a spy?
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How does a spy pass on secret information?

well it depends what spy youre talking about

How do you complete part 1 of spy island?

you have to go to youtube and find out by youre self type in "how do you complete part one of spy island poptropica"

How can you convince someone that karaoke is good?

You can convince someone that karaoke is good by constant exposure and lots of practice.

What is the four letter word for convince?

To convince someone you must sway them.

What is a triple wegie?

its when someone pulls youre underwear 3times. and a atomic wiegie is when someone pulls your underwear and puts it over youre eyes

How do you spy on chat msgs if i know the id?

It is illegal to spy on someone .

How do convince someone that you are gay?

Come on to them.

What does it mean when someone calls you a poser?

That youre a fake

What was a Nazi Spy?

Someone who in the 2nd world war would have been a spy for the germans.

How do you convince someone to get an AIM?

If you expalin what an "AIM" is, perhaps someone can help.

What does it mean to persuad someone?

To convince someone to see your view on things.

How do you convince someone your crazy?

By acting crazy