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wear short shorts and a crop top and give him a lap dance

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Q: How do boys get turned on?
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John MacNab

How does a lad get turned on?

A lad can turned on by hot women or if a you are gay you will be turned on by hot guys. dont be ashamed it happens to all boys/guys

Who turned out to be the brother of the two young boys?

John MacNab

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If you are a girl it's natures intention to have you get together with boys in order to get you pregnant, and you r body does it using your eyes mind and hormones.

Girls how do you get turned on?

mastervation!!!Watching guys mastervate touch them!!!When boys kiss their neck ;]

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well its just something were into we don't know why it just attracts us

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They are all 14 but Roc royal just turned 14.

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Only if the boys are concerned about sex. If they like you as a friend they will want to see you advance in life and prepare for your future.

Do boys like bisexual girls?

Hell yes! They get turned on by the thought that girls fantasize about girls too!

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