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The same way any other race of people do.

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Q: How do black people have gay sex?
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Why is there Gay Sex?

Because there are gay people and despite being gay they can have sex too !

Are most gay people black?

No, most gay people are not black.

If your friend is gay should you still socialize with them?

Uh...yeah. It's not the black plague. It's not contagious. Gay people are no different than straight people, except for the fact that they are attracted to members of the same sex instead of the opposite sex.

Betta fish life cycle?

Sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay lets do it come to ellen wilkinson

What is the What is the difference between molding and forming?

forming is when people have gay sex and molding is when you have gay sex with yourself

Is it still gay if it's in a 3-way?

I think there's been a misunderstanding. There is no specific type of sex that is known as gay sex, it's just sex. Sex itself can not be gay. The people involved can be gay but you are not gay just because you have sex with the same sex. If you also fall in love with the same sex you are gay. Just having sex can be experimenting.

How do i find out if am gay or not?

You will know if you are gay if you are attracted to people of the same sex.

Are gay people a biological deficiency?

No, gay people are not a biological deficiency.

Are any gay people black?

There are gay people in every race and ethnicity.

Which gay people give and which take?

If you are talking about sex, gay people "give" if they are tops, and they "take" if they are bottoms. Some gay people are versatile as well.

Why do gay men need stronger sex?

gay men do not need stronger sex. Healthy sexual activity is a need for most people, gay or straight.

Is sabastian from black butler gay?

No he is not gay people :O