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you start telling funny jokes then ask them

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Q: How do ask someone out in the 4Th grade?
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How do you get a 4th grade girlfriend?

You can ask then if they want to go out

How do you know if a girl likes me in 4th grade?

Ask her

How do you get a fourth grade girl to ask me out?

your only in 4th grade so, you dont need to go out. wait til middle schoolYou don't. 4th graders shouldn't be dating. They're 9 and 10 years old! and have a beard just ask and let one rip and blame it on someone in the other room

Can you in 6th grade go out with a boy in 4th grade?

you could, but may I ask as tow hy you would wantto?!!!!!!???!!!???

When will 4th grade students get there NJ ASK test scores?

over the summer

How do you get a girl in 4th grade to like you more than another boy?

ask her out and kiss her and she starts to like and she will ask you to be her boyfriend

A set of questions that you can ask somebody?

There are many questions that you can ask someone such as....What's your name?What grade are you in?How old are you?

How do you ask a crush out in fifth grade?

you don't, i know someone in 4th grade and they never mentioned anything you just don't go on dates when you're 11

How to get a boy to kiss you in 4th grade?

ask him if he has a crush on you and if he said yes ask him to go to a place where know one can see you than ask if you can kiss him

How do you get a girlfriend in the fourth grade?

when you are in 4th grade and at the same school as last year and some girls liked you and you didn't know some one will tell you. in 4th then if you like who likes you ask them out you don't need to be in 4th twice to get a girlfriend.

How do you ask someones grade level in Japanese?

You can ask someone's grade level in Japanese by saying "ไฝ•ๅนด็”Ÿใงใ™ใ‹" (pronounced "nan-nen-sei desu ka"), which means "What grade are you in?"

How do you make a fifth grade girl be a 4th graders girlfriend?

Just ask and say I love you girl so be my gf I'm a 5th grade girl