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You don't by yourself unless you know you have finished menopause.

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Q: How do a women know if you stop producing eggs?
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Can FSH hormone stop you from producing eggs at the ovulation?


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A what age do women stop producing eggs?

Puberty for a girl lasts a few years once it starts so depending on when it started add around 5 years. puberty does last like 5 years but Period last when you're in your 60s to 70s

How does FSH stop you from producing eggs?

it tells the ovaries to make oestrogen which then helps mature and egg. the oestrogen then tell the pituitary gland to stop making FSH and make LH. LH then makes the ovaries release eggs =] hope this helped! [=

When you get old do you have periods?

No, women go through menopause at around age 50, when their ovaries stop releasing eggs (ova) and, therefore, they stop having periods.

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What age do women quit getting horny?

With some women, after menopause (when the body stops producing eggs and periods stop) a change in hormone levels may cause sexual desire to be less. However, many women will continue to be interested in sex as long as they are in good health. There is no magic age where women lose all sexual desire. While this may be a shock to young people, there are folks in their 80s and 90s that may still be interested in sex. Different ages for different people.

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What is the main thing that causes menopause?

Women go through menopause when the ovaries stop producing eggs and that results in cessation of our menstrual cycle. The hormone( estrogen & progestrone) levels fluctuate during this period resulting in symptoms such as mood swings, night sweats and hot flashes. Herbal supplements are safe to alleviate these symptoms as they do not have side effects.