How do a boy propose to a girl?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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The boy usually kneels and pulls out his weiner and says "Will you Suck it?"

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Q: How do a boy propose to a girl?
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Why do only a boy has to propose a girl?

The girl can propose too. My mom did to my dad

How can a boy propose to a girl in The sims?

they have to be in love. Then click on the girl while playing as the boy and choose "Propose" and then "Engagement".

Can a girl prepose to a boy?

just as a girl can ask a boy out a girl can propose to a may be a little awkward,but it will be something you will REALLY remember

Sims 2 psp- can you be a girl and still propose to a boy?


Can sims get married on The Sims 2 for psp?

Yes you can but you have to be a boy and propose.

A girl is blind deaf dumb and also uneducated a boy love her with out touching the girl how to propose the love to her?


How can a boy propose a blind and deaf girl without touching her?

Writing the proposal in brail.

How do you overcome if girl insults boy and he wants to propose her?

Since you are asking in Teen Dating, it's probably way too early to propose.

How do boy sims propose to girl sims on sims 2 PSP?

The maid should tell you...

Can a girl propose to a boy?

She can. The question actually implies a young person and if this is the case at your age this is not a valid question.

How do you propose on imvu?

Just ask the boy/girl to marry you then when you can gift them a ring and buy 1 for you as well

What if a girl tries to propose in harvest moon?

they cant if it is just a random character, but if your own character is a girl then its just the same way as a boy would.