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It says sign in on the top right corner.

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Q: How do I log into my YouTube account?
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Why can't i log into my YouTube?

Because you need to create a youtube account

Can you use your Google account to log on to YouTube?


Can you sign into to YouTube with a Google account?

Since Google owns YouTube, you can use your Google account on YouTube, and vice versa. If you have a Google and YouTube account, you can even "link" the two together so that everything is organized. Just log in to Google with your Google account, and then log into YouTube with your YouTube account, and it will present you with the option to link them.

How do you cancel your account on YouTube pinoy?

To cancel your account on youtube, first log in and click on my account. Scroll down where it will show you delete your account. Press on that and your account will be deleted automatically from youtube.

How do you sign into youtube on Google Chrome?

You can sign into youtube, using your Google account. A global Google account can be used to log in.

How do you log on to your YouTube account on your iPad 2?

through safarii

How do get a You-Tube account?

You van sign up by going to youtube and on the top right corner you click log in and press create account!

Why doesn't youtube let me log in after I disabled my account?

if you have closed or disabled your account you can't get back on it!

Can you delete a YouTube account?

Yes, you can delete a YouTube account. Just log in on YouTube, and go to . Click on Manage My Account on the left, and then click on the Delete account link on the bottom. You will have to provide your password and say why you deleted it.

How can you access a person's YouTube account if they don't have any videos posted they don't have a url but they do have an account?

Log in still.

How do you disable your YouTube account?

Log in, click on account or go to then click on manage account then you should see delete account click on that answer the question "are you sure you want to delete your account" and click "yes".

How long does it take to delete a youtube account?

It can take as little as 30 seconds to delete a YouTube account. All you need to do to delete your YouTube account is log into your account and go to Advanced Settings and close your account from there. Information associated with your account may take a couple days to disappear from search engines though because search engines do not update things immediately.