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You can tell how long your cycle is by counting how many days are between the first day of your period and the first day of your next period.

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Q: How do I know what day I conceived if my period is irregular every month but the first day of my last one was April 5 how do I know if my cycle is 28 days?
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How many days are irregular menstrual period?

Irregular menstrual period means a period which is not a set number of days, it may be only a couple of days one cycle and then weeks the next. Irregular menstrual periods can also see irregular flow patterns so light then heavy one cycle, heavy all the way through the period of the next cycle.

When you have your period on March 22 and had period on April 28 is it late?

Yes but it could be also irregular periods . periods can change to irregular periods which can have a longer cycle from 35-45 day cycles which that means you have trouble getting pregnant I got my first 35 menstrual cycle in may after Implantation bleeding

How long is your period irregular?

Your period may stay irregular until you are 18 to 20 years old when you will develop a regular cycle.

Is it normal to miss your next period or have an irregular cycle after stopping taking the pill?

Yes this is normal. Your period should return to a normal cycle within 3 months.

What is an erratic cycle?

In geology, an erratic cycle refers to an irregular occurrence in geological phenomena. These occurrence happen at any particular period.

Is it a problem if a virgin girl has irregular period?

No. When a young girl first starts her period it is often irregular for the first few months or year. It takes time for the hormones and the body to settle into a cycle.

How possible is it to know your ovulation period when your menstrual cycle is irregular?

You should visit your gynocologist since irregular periods/ovulation can be very difficult to track.

When did I conceive if my due date December 29?

Roughly April 7thYou could have conceived anytime between April 4-10 if you have a 28 day cycle.

Had a long irregular cycle can you be pregnant?

not necessarily, irregular periods happen quite often, unless you have had unprotected sex. but a dramatic change in weight, or the amount you eat can also affect your period. Even stress can cause your period to be irregular or un-even.

How many days before your period do you have implantation bleeding?

Implantation bleeding depends on when you ovulate,had sex and when u conceived.. you can have implantation bleeding anytime during your menustral cycle depending on when you conceived.

When you start your period is it a normal cycle at first?

Usually not at first but sometimes it is irregular for quite some time

Can you still ovulate if you only have a 3 day period?

An irregular cycle can be a signal of no ovulation, but genarally speaking, you ovulate every time you have a period.