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1. With safety on, remove the magazine from the weapon.

2. Cycle the action (pull back and release the slide) to eject any round still in the gun.

3. Pull back the slide until the slide lock (on frame) is under the slide lock notch (on slide).

4. Press the slide lock pin (sticks out of the right side of the frame) inward, toward the left side.

5. Remove the slide lock lever from the left side of the gun.

6. Release the hammer forward gently.

7. Pull the slide forward until it comes off the frame.

Reassembly is pretty much the same process in reverse. NOTE - The 39-2 has a decocker instead of a safety. When you pull back the slide you must line up the pin end of the slide lock with the slide lock notch.

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Q: How do I disassemble a Smith and Wesson model 39-2?
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