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They use all the modern media forms, such as TV, the internet, the print media and through their sponsorship of various events, such as sports.

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Q: How do Guinness advertise?
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Who invented guinness?

Arthur Guinness.

What does Guinness stand for in Guinness world records 2011?

Guinness is the company that sponsors the book. It is the same Guinness that is the famous drink from Ireland.

Where did Guinness ale get its name from?

It got its name from Arthur Guinness, the man who invented Guinness.

What is Guinness suffix?

Does guinness have a suffix or prefix

Who was the founder of the Guinness brewery?

Arthur Guinness.

Who is older jack Daniels or Guinness?


What is the birth name of Hugo Guinness?

Hugo Guinness's birth name is Hugo Arthur Rundell Guinness.

What is the birth name of Alec Guinness?

Alec Guinness's birth name is Alec Guinness de Cuffe.

What is name of the man who created Guinness?

Arthur Guinness.

Who invented the drink called Guinness?

Arthur Guinness

Where does Guinness bottled in the US?

Guinness does NOT bottle in the USA.

What font name does Guinness use?

Guinness uses a custom-designed font called "Guinness Sans." It was specifically developed for the brand to reflect its unique personality and heritage.