How do Canadian people celebrate?

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Canadian people celebrate Christmas with many different customs. Decorating the Christmas tree is common. Mummering is another tradition in parts of Canada. People knock on doors and disguise their voice while asking if any mummers are there. Sinck and Tuck is another tradition in Canada, this involves dancing as well as giving gifts.

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Q: How do Canadian people celebrate?
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How do Canadian people celebrate Christmas?

They celebrate through caroling.

When do Canadian people celebrate Christmas?

Canadian people celebrate Christmas on 25 December just like most people.

Do Canadian people celebrate Christmas?

Many do, yes. Not all.

What celebrations do Canadian's celebrate?

they celebrate Thanksgiving in october.

Does Canada celebrate Hanukkah?

Canadian Jews celebrate Hanukkah.

Who celebrate labor on May 1?


Why do people celebrate Canada Day?

Canadians celebrate Canada Day to show their appreciation for the country they live in, show that they truly are proud to be Canadian and to show that we are grateful for everything that our founding fathers, Canadian militarily did/dose for every single day!to

Do People in Canada Celebrate Hanukkah?

The Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah where ever they are including the Canadian jews. The days are not typically official holidays. Most schools and businesses will make allowances for those that are celebrating.

What do Mexicans celebrate on Thanksgiving?

They do not celebrate Thanks giving in mexico it is an US and Canadian holiday

Why do Irish people celebrate Thanksgiving in a different way?

Ireland does not celebrate Thanksgiving at all. It is US and Canadian holiday. Nobody else celebrates it. The Irish living in America, celebrate Thanksgiving the same as everyone else.

What holiday do canadians celebrate on the second Monday in October?

The second Monday in October is Thanksgiving Day, when Canadian people celebrate and give thanks for the end of the harvest.ThanksgivingThanksgiving Daythanksgiving day

Do Canadian's celebrate Easter?

not unless they're catholic

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