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Slaves were prohibited from bringing suit because they weren't citizens.

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Q: How did the dred Scott decision effect on slavery?
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How did the dred Scot decision affect the Missouri compromise and the expansion of slavery?

The Dred Scott Case completely nullified the Missouri Compromise. It ruled that slavery was protected under the 5th Amendment because slaves were property. The verdict was that slavery could not be outlawed in any territory.

What are two adjectives for Dred Scott decision?

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How did the ruling on the Dred Scott case affect the slavery debate?

The Dred Scott decision ruled that slaves were not citizens of the United states. Instead, they were the property of their masters. Therefore, a slave owner was within his rights to take a slave with him, even to free states.

How did the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendment affect the Dred Scott decision?

The Dred Scott decision stated that people of African decent imported to America were not citizens and not protected by the Constitution. The fourteenth and fifteenth amendments nullified that decision.

How did the Dred Scott decision change the Missouri Compromise?

In the Dred Scott decision a slave was taken up north to a "free state," according to the Missouri Compromise, and then brought back down to a slave state. Dred Scott felt that by entering a free state should be free from slavery, but on the ruling the Dred Scott decision ruled that slaves are considered property and can be taken anywhere, therefore going against the Missouri Compromise. The Supreme Court ruled that the Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional under the Fifth Amendment Takings Clause for the reasons stated above, and overturned the legislation.

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How did the dred Scott decision effect slavery?

Slaves were prohibited from bringing suit because they weren't citizens.

What effect did the dred Scott decision by the supreme court have on slavery in the supreme court have on the slavery in the territories and on the slaves themselves?

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Who was the subject of a supreme court decision on slavery?

Dred Scott

The Dred Scott decision interpreted the constitution as allowing?


What opened all territories to slavery?

dred scott decision

What were the implications of the Dred Scott Decison for expansion of slavery into the territories?

The Dred Scott decision is known as the worst decision ever by the Supreme Court. It said that blacks could not be citizens. Slavery was a decision of the new territories.

What did the Dred Scott decision interpret the constitution as allowing?

It allowed slavery and found Scott to be property.

Who was dred Scott and what was the dred Scott decision?

Dred Scott is a slave and sued his slave owner that if his in the north his freed from slavery. dred scott decision is when they said the Dred is just a slave and they are not citizen had no rights to sue their slave owners. this led to continue the civil wars against the north and the south

What was the judges decision in the Dred Scott Case?

it made slavery and the western territory

What effect did the Dred Scott decision have on Senator Stephen A Douglas' political situation?

The Dred Scott decision by the US Supreme Court in 1857 damaged Senator Douglas' main political position on slavery. It virtually vetoed his policy of popular sovereignty.

What effect did the Dred Scott Decision have on African Americans in the North and South?

The dred Scott decision held that all African Americans, whether free or slave, were not citizens of the US, had no power to sue in court, and that the congress had no constitutional authority to end slavery.

What was the Dred Scott decision and what effect did it have on northern opponents of slavery?

it was a suit for freedom and it compromised the free soil coalition because slaves were not free

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