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he thought slaves should be counted as people not property he paid his slives to work most people did not


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John Langdon was opposed to slavery and advocated for its abolition. He believed that slavery was morally wrong and worked towards ending it, supporting measures like the prohibition of the international slave trade. Langdon's views on slavery reflected his commitment to justice and equality for all individuals.

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Q: How did john langdon feel about slavery?
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How did John Locke reconcile his philosophy with slavery?

John Locke believed in individual freedom and property rights, but he did not extend these principles to all individuals. He did not explicitly address slavery in his writings, and while he believed in the right to property and labor, he did not condemn slavery or advocate for its abolition. Locke's views on slavery remain a complex and controversial aspect of his philosophical legacy.

How did Edward Clay feel about slavery?

Edward Clay was an abolitionist who spoke out against slavery. He believed that slavery was morally wrong and detrimental to society. Clay advocated for the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade.

What was John brown philosophy about slavery?

John Brown believed that slavery was a grave moral injustice and that it must be abolished by any means necessary, including armed resistance if needed. He viewed slavery as a sin that required immediate action to end, regardless of the consequences. Brown's approach was radical and he was willing to use violence in his fight against slavery.

How does phillis wheatley feel about slavery?

Phillis Wheatley, an enslaved African American poet, used her writing to criticize the institution of slavery and advocate for the abolition of it. She expressed deep empathy for the suffering of enslaved people and condemned the cruelty and injustice of slavery in her poems.

How did Captain Canot feel regarding slavery?

Captain Canot was a slave trader and profited from the slave trade, so he was likely supportive of slavery as a means to further his own interests and economic gain.

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