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it started when prision inmates got bored;)

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Q: How did homosexuality start and where did it come from?
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What is the color of homosexuality?

There is no specific color associated with homosexuality. Sexuality is a spectrum that is not defined by color. It's important to remember that individuals who identify as homosexual come from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

What is the Swahili word for homosexuality?

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Homosexuality was legalized in Slovakia in 1962.Homosexuality was legalized in Slovakia in 1962.

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Homosexuality existed before civilization.

Is homosexuality a birth defect?

No, homosexuality is natural for many people.

Where are you on homosexuality?

I'm gay myself so I have no problems with homosexuality.

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homosexuality is not a disease, so there is no "treatment" for it.

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Journal of Homosexuality was created in 1976.

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